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About Us

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After years of preparing our own accounts and submitting them to our accountants to produce our final accounts it occurred to us that there may be others that also do this but there are also many that do not actually enter their own information but rely on others for this also. With our help we intend to help you see your accounts as a tool to help you with many other activities not just a legal requirement at the end of each trading year.

With our experience in Manufacturing, Construction Industry, Online Selling and Labour Supply we have covered a fair proportion of what makes businesses work. This is a natural free resource for you although at times, an expensive one for us.

The information that you record or your bookkeepers record can and should be put to use in ways that help your day to day decision making and in your planning of where you think you would like to go next with your business.

So here we are a small to medium business just like yours. With all the same issues that you face on a day to day basis the difference is we have been inputting our data ourselves for our own use, so we understand how it can be used. The need for informative and accurate information, that we, as business can use. This is what we offer our clients. Jargon free information that you can relate to without the need of an accountant or bookkeeper to explain what it is that you are actually looking at. We can even throw in the Jargon if that is what you like. Through discussion we create a set of accounts that when you look at it. It will mean so much more than a bottom line (Profit or Loss) at the end of the year. Not just the requirement to do it once a year for government consumption but for you, so you can put it to use on a daily basis with confidence in the knowledge that it is accurate and up to date. We can help you with software choice having used a lot of the software providers offerings, details available on this website.